Pre-Departure Musical Inspiration

I am sitting in our condo over in Seattle (well, Des Moines, but that means nothing to most of my legions of loyal followers), the evening before my flight. This is it. Ready or not, I will be departing for Frankfurt, Germany, at 1:40 p.m. tomorrow, arriving at 8:45 a.m. Monday morning. That will feel  like 11:45 p.m. my time – meaning that my body will be ready to retire when my day is really only beginning. I will be meeting another Marquette student, Becca, in Frankfurt (God willing) and together we will manage the hour train ride north to Marburg.

Our orientation program doesn’t begin until the next day, so we’ll have the rest of the day to get acclimated, do a bit of exploring and probably sleep a lot. I should have internet access in the room, so I will try and post again in the evening.

My wonderful roommate Angela and I spent the better part of the evening crafting an awesome travel playlist for tomorrow – though, to be fair, vast majority of the songs were her idea. I thought as my pre-departure post I’d list some of the songs I plan on listening to tomorrow to get myself ready for this step into the unknown.

On and On – Friska Viljoryou’re on your own for a while / you’ll decide for yourself / what you want no one else / you’ll be free to live again

City – Billie the Vision and the Dancers – So take a deep breath, tell me what you smell / I smell a good time in my life /
If this is not called happiness and don’t know what it is / I think I like this city.

Go Do – Jonsi – Go do / you’ll know how to / Just let yourself / fall into landslide

Alles Neu – Peter FoxHey / alles glänzt / so shön neu / hey / wenn’s dir nich gefällt / mach neu (hey / every shines / so beautifully new / hey / when things don’t suit you / make something new)

Rio – Hey Marseilles On the way I will go / Where the days left to breathe / Are not gone, are still long / I am traveling on

I’ve Been to Holland – Joe PurdyAnd I’ve been to Holland and I’ve been to New York / and I’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge /
and I’ve done the things my parents have dreamed /  but I ain’t never seen nothing like this

So Ein Schöner Tag (Fliegerlied) – Tim Toupet – und ich nehm, nehm, nehm dich bei der Hand / weil ich dich mag / und ich sag / heut ist so ein schöner tag (and I take, take, take you by the hand / because I like you / and I say / today is such a beautiful day)


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