Two Months to Go

A few of my friends who are also studying abroad this semester have been setting up their blogs, which made me want to begin to slip back into the habit of blogging once more.

I do still have some time ahead of me – I won’t leave until Feb. 27th More specifically, I will be departing Seattle at 1:40 p.m. on the 27th and arriving in Frankfurt, Germany at 8:45 a.m. on the 28th. It’ll be a 10-hour flight, but at least it will be direct, minimizing potential for travel snafus. Since this will be my first overseas flight, I’d certainly like to avoid as many snafus as possible. Upon arriving, I’ll wait a little bit for another girl from Marquette who is flying over the same day, and together we will somehow navigate from the airport to the train station. From there, it’s about an hour-long ride to Marburg (which is north of Frankfurt).

At this point, I’m a little overwhelmed by how I am going to visit all the places I want to see while at the same time passing all of my classes (which will all be in German). Thankfully, grades don’t transfer, just credits. But still, there’s a baseline that needs to be achieved.

As for where I’d like to visit… well, I will have friends studying abroad in Galway (Ireland), London and Paris, a well as a friend in Budapest (Hungary). Additionally, this past semester I lived in an apartment living community that aimed to link Marquette students with international students. So I now have people I would love to visit in Copenhagen, Strasbourg (France), Sofia (Bulgaria) and possibly Madrid as well. And, on my own, I certainly want to see Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and, of course, much of Germany. So… yeah. Suddenly four and a half months abroad doesn’t seem so long at all.

But of course, I’m excited. So, so excited. I have known I would study abroad ever since I started college. I can’t believe it’s just two months away.


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