Misc. Photos

I’ve been keeping up with posting pics to facebook, but I realize not all my legions of fans are following me there (hi mom and dad!) so I just wanted to offer some miscellaneous photos that don’t quite fit in with other posts.

Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce (where I work - although I don't actually work at HQ)

The White House! Which is right across from headquarters

I like to take sunset pictures.

Hey, it's a sunset.

Golly, it's another sunset.

President Garfield never looked so good.


3 thoughts on “Misc. Photos

  1. You know – you could just get over yourself and friend us on fb and eliminate the inefficiency of an extra blog post. Just saying

  2. The rest of us enjoy your pictures too, and follow your blog. Glad you are having a great time. Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Don.

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