The First Day

Thus far I am loving D.C. (please note that like a good Washington State resident I am referring to it as D.C. and not Washington). The location of the Aspin apartments simply cannot be beat. It’s one thing to hear that they’re located a few blocks from the Capitol, but it’s quite another thing to actually make that walk and realize that you did, in fact, just walk to the Capitol in under ten minutes.

This proximity offers a neat opportunity to develop a familiarity with national landmarks that the average tourist just wouldn’t get. Case in point, last night around 10:30 p.m. or so, a group of us decided to take a walk to the Capitol. I was surprised at how it could still be so stunning at night (though I guess the extensive lighting helps). How many people have taken a late night stroll around the Capitol and the mall simply because they could – and how many even have the opportunity?

I also didn’t realize before my arrival how close so many other symbols of D.C. are nearby, such as the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. I took a walk to the Capitol yesterday while talking to my parents on the phone and my running commentary went something like “Hmm, a large building to my right… Oh, that must be the Supreme Court. And that sign says that’s the Library of Congress. Oh, so that’s the Capitol right in front of me. Huh.”

I haven’t done as extensive exploring as I would like, partly because the extreme heat is pretty prohibitive, and it’s not like I need to be in a rush. Much of the group went on an excursion to Target today for groceries and other miscellaneous goods. It was our first foray onto the Metro and it went pretty smoothly. Keeping track of so many people was difficult at times, but we did a pretty good job ensuring there was No Intern Left Behind.

Tomorrow is my first day at my internship, and it will be interesting. I got an e-mail today that said the original plan had changed. I am working with TradeRoots, a branch of the Chamber of Commerce. They have an office building that is just south of the Capitol (so I could walk there), but apparently there is a big Chamber staff meeting tomorrow at the headquarters (near the White House), so instead I will have to take the Metro up. I’m a little nervous since today was my first time on the Metro, but it seems pretty intuitive and I won’t have to make any transfers. Still, it’ll be the Metro at rush hour. I’m guessing it’ll be an experience!


5 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. I am glad you are doing this…it will make it a lot easier for your Mom and I to learn about your experiences. Hopefully tomorrow on the Metro will go smoothly for you. Hey, we reached 75 today!

  2. It is good to read from the perspective of a fellow D.C. intern! I am at the Organization for Autism Research and occasionally have to take the metro, too. Let me just tell you that you must read my blog from today and it will give you some real insight as to what the “true colors” of the metro are!
    You will LOVE D.C. If you need any suggestions as to things to do and places to go, let me know!

  3. Andrei, I’ll be here till August 20! Then it’s right back to Milwaukee.

    And thanks for the suggestion Lauren – what is the link to your blog?

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