A Beginning

So here I am at the Les Aspin apartments in the sweltering D.C. heat (our poor little air conditioner is no match for 100 degrees plus humidity). This is my first full day in D.C. and, I think, a beginning of sorts. Starting now, I’m in store for a year of exploration, both figuratively and literally. When my Les Aspin session is done, I’ll immediately head back to Marquette to meet my Global Village roommates. The Global Village is an apartment living community that pairs Marquette students with international students to promote cultural exchange. In short, it’ll be awesome.

After the fall semester ends, I’ll spend a few months in Spokane and then it’s off to Marburg, Germany for my biggest adventure yet. I’ll be studying abroad there from March to mid-July.

I’ve never done this blog thing before, but it seems like it could be useful – there’s always something to be said for taking time to reflect on your day and your experiences. Blogging certainly requires patience, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.

So check in periodically. I’ll try and do the same.


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